• Where is Amberly Studios located?

The studio is located on a 250 acre property, 15 mins from Canberra's CBD. The Address is 325, Kambah Pool RD, Kambah 2902.

  • What is the typical process for recording a song?

There are 4 technical steps to bringing a song to life.

Recording - (Booking a recording studio, setting up microphones and capturing the different parts of the song)

Editing - (Choosing the best recorded takes and making any adjustments to timing, pitch and cohesion)

Mixing - (Mixing is the process of combining all the recorded tracks into a stereo 2-track mix)

Mastering - (After the track is mixed the final stereo file is processed to industry standard loudness, and any final tweaks to the sound are made)

  • What is the role of a producer?

The role of a producer is to oversee the project from start to finish, offering advice and guidance to bring the artists vision to life. A producer can be involved in the writing and arrangement of songs depending on the project while also being responsible for the logistics of a recording session and liaison with third parties. 

  •  How much will my project cost?

The cost of a project comes down to how much time is needed to get the job done - a solo singer songwriter is going to take less time than a 6 piece band etc. Another major factor is also how well you can play the song. A great performance in the studio means less  time spent editing, and less time to mix and master. 

  •  How many songs can I record is one day? 

This is entirely up to how well you/the band can play the songs on the day. Some bands take an entire day to record one song. An acoustic duo might get 5+ tracks recorded in a single day. Expect to play each song 2-5 times for each part.

  •  How should I prepare for my recording session?

Practice. Know every part off by heart - this will save you time (money) as well as giving you the best possible results from this step in the process. 

Re-string guitars and re-skin drum kits (unless that's a sound you're going for)

  •  Do you offer packages for EP's and Albums?

Yes, please get in touch for a personalised quote including discounts for larger projects.

    •  Can I just record at Amberly Studios and take the files away?

    Yes, we offer a per day or per hour recording rate including an engineer. Take your files away with you at the end of the day.

    •  Is there a minimum time for booking a single recording session?

    Yes, there is a minimum of two hours for all recording sessions.

    •  What payment options do you have?

    We accept cash or bank transfer. We currently do not have eftpos at the studio.

    • Do I pay upfront or after the project is complete?

    We ask that you pay 50% deposit prior to commencement of your first day of recording.


    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch: info[at]amberlystudios.com.au